How you can help

Needed Supplies

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for basic Personal Protection Equipment(PPE) all across the globe.

Basic and inexpensive supplies such as isolation gowns, surgical masks, face shields and hand-sanitizer, once readily available and common, are now becoming impossible to order.

While Gilpin Hall has a limited stock of these supplies on hand, the demand for their use will increase and we are searching regularly for supplies to protect our residents and staff at this critical time.

If you have any of these supplies, please email to and we can arrange to pick up or accept at our front desk any donated PPE supplies you can spare.

If you have any sewing skills, in a last case effort, cloth masks may be used as a last line of defense in combating the COVID-19 if used in conjunction with a face shield.  Information on how to fabricate cloth masks can found here.  Recommendation for material are high thread count materials, such as sheet or pillow case material; some have incorporated a pocket to insert more extra filtering material as well.

Many thanks to the compassionate friends of Gilpin Hall who have already fabricated some cloth masks for us already!  Your kindness and compassion is much appreciated.